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Softberry Web Site - Terms of Use

Programs accessible at Softberry site are posted mainly for light-volume use by researchers from academic institutions. We consider light volume to be less than 15 executions per day per academic domain. Corporate users can occasionally access our data and execute our programs for evaluation/demonstration purposes ONLY. Massive copying of data from our site is not permitted for any kind of users. Violators of these rules may have access from their entire domains blocked. Our computer resources cannot accomodate heavy traffic of large-volume users, and we reserve the right to restrict access to anybody at any time.

All, data, programs, scripts, Java packets, *.jar files, binary and source codes are copyright Softberry, Inc., and cannot be copied, redistributed, sold, decompiled, reverse engineered or otherwise changed without permission. Data downloadable from this site cannot be sold, licensed or redistributed in any form without permission.

Softberry makes no warranties whatsoever regarding programs and data presented at this site, and shall not be liable for any damages resulting from use of its programs and data.

Sequences and locations of human and mouse genes as predicted by FGENESH++ and promoters as predicted by TSSW are for demonstration purposes only and cannot be copied for commercial use. Please contact us for licensing information.

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