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Services for Biotech and Pharma Companies


Softberry, Inc. is a leading developer of wide specter of software tools for genomic and proteomic research with application to drug candidates discovery, as well as to identification of useful gene/proteins in agricultural business

There are several ways Softberry's software and expertise is used by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies:

  • Licensing our popular programs such as genefinders, EST_MAPping and protein localization programs to facilitate genome and protein analysis
  • Developing custom gene finding parameters for more accurate gene finding in human, plants, pathogenic bacteria, yeast and viruses
  • Installation of entire program package for local network use
  • Collaboration in research and data analysis with development of customized product or pipeline using several programs
  • Integration of genomic and expression data in Softberry's cross-platform genome browser
  • Analysis of expression data to find disease-specific genes by using our Seltag system
  • Clusterization of ESTs and using clustered sets for prediction of alternative splicing gene variants using FGENESH_C and EST_MAP programs

Softberry's main areas of software development and expertise are:

  • Genome annotation and gene finding in eukaryotes, bacteria and viruses, EST mapping
  • Functional site identification in DNA and proteins, promoter finding
  • Genome comparison, fast genome and database search, and development of cross-platform interfaces for presentation of results
  • Expression data analysis
  • Protein structure prediction
  • Protein compartment (destination) prediction
  • EST clustering
  • Integration of genomic and expression data in cross-platform Java-based graphical interface.

List of licensees of our products includes over fifty leading pharmaceutical, biotech and agricultural companies, from around the world. Some of them are listed here:

  Amgen   Lion Bioscience
  AstraZeneca   Millennium Pharmaceuticals
  Biomax Informatics   Monsanto
  Bristol-Myers Squibb   Rhone Poulenc Rorer
  Celera Genomics Laboratory   Pioneer Hi-Bred
  deCODE Genetics   Roche Bioscience
  Genentech   Schering AG
  Human Genome Sciences   SmithKline Beecham
  Incyte Pharmaceuticals   Syngenta
  Lexicon Genetics   Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co.
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