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Sequences alignment, Alignment with genome, Alignment genomes.

The programs usage in Scientific publications

FMAP - instantly maps your sequence to human genome draft - click this link to use FMAP. [Example]

SCAN2 - program for aligning two multimegabyte-size nucleotid sequences [Help] [Example]

SCAN2a - program for aligning two multimegabyte-size aminoacid sequences [Help] [Example]

DBSCAN - database homology search program similar to BLAST, but handling multimegabyte-size sequences. [Example]

EST_map - Mapping your mRNA/EST to Chromosome sequence of Human genome [Help] [Example]

PROT_map - mapping of a set of proteins on genome [Help] [Example]

SMAP - mapping oligonucleotides to genome [Help] [Example]

Genomes Match - comparison of 2 genomic or chromosomes (with viewer) [Example]

Genomes Match 2 - comparison of 2 genomic or chromosomes (without viewer) [Example]

You can also BLAST search of your sequence through human/mouse/Drosophila genes/proteins predicted by Softberry from genome sequences using complex script FGENESH++ that combines FGENESH, FGENESH+ and EST_MAP programs.

BLAST - Comparing your nucleotide sequence with Fgenesh++ set of mRNA/ORF

To view human genome in our GenomeSequence Explorer, click here - you can also map your sequence by FMAP in that graphical interface. To view mouse genome, click here.

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