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Protein secondary structure

The programs usage in Scientific publications

PSSFinder - prediction of protein secondary structure using Markov chains. [Example]

SSPRED - program of secondary structure prediction. [Help]

SSPAL - Nearest-neighbor with local alignments SS prediction [Help]

NNSSP - Nearest-neighbor SS prediction [Help]

SSP - Segment-oriented SS prediction [Help]

SSENVID - Protein secondary structure and environment assignment from atomic coordinates [Help]

PDISORDER - Protein Disorder Prediction [Help]

GETATOMS - Optimization of replaced side chain groups by simulated annealing algorithm [Help]

3d-comp - Structure alignment to superposition [Help]

AbIni3D - Ab inition folding [Help]

MDynSB - Program MDynSB is designed to perform multiple tasks with protein structure [Help]

HMod3DMM - Energy minimization program by molecular mechanic [Help]

CYS_REC - Prediction of SS-bonding States of Cysteines in Protein Sequences [Help]

3D-Match - Comparing 3D structures of two proteins [Help]

3D-MatchDB - Comparing 3D structure with 3D-Database [Help]

3DmodelFit - program for comparison protein 3D model and its original structure [Help]

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