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To view Bacterial genomes annotation, press the button

Note. To run applet viewer you need to include linux1.softberry.com in the list of your browser (see instruction).

Softberry Bacterial GenomeSequence Explorer

Softberry Bacterial GenomeSequence Explorer provides the visual representation of bacterial genomes annotations and possibility to work with several genome annotations simultaneously.

Softberry Bacterial GenomeSequence Explorer provides the following functionality:

- Selecting the genome of user's interest;

- Simultaneous work with several genomes;

- Visual evaluation of available information on genomes;

- Comparing genomes with use of built-in "Genome comparison browser";

- Search for sequences in different genome regions;

- Aligning sequences with use of Fmap and Scan2 programs, and visualizing results;

- Search for genes;

- Downloading loci onto a local disk or in browser in Genbank or FgenesB formats.

Softberry GenomeSequence Explorer has a wide set of navigation and search features that are adopted to specific of application area and user's requirements.

Softberry Bacterial GenomeSequence Explorer help

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