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Short description


3D-Explorer is designed to visualize spatial models of biological macromolecules and their complexes (below referred to as models). The 3D-Explorer application is compatible with PDB files [1].

3D-Explorer has an interface compatible with the GetAtoms and CE applications and can visualize several compared 3D-structures. [2, 3].

The macromolecule can be presented as wire, stick, ball and stick, and CPK models.

You can visualize charge on molecular surface as well as hydrophobisity.

You can drag a macromolecule model with your mouse, rotate it, and change the size of models.

You can also change the detail level and color of models and their elements.

In 3D-Explorer, you can work with several types of molecular elements and show the structural features of a molecule as a matrix diagram.


  1. PDB Documentation and Information. File Formats and Standards.
  2. Shindyalov IN, Bourne PE (1998) Protein structure alignment by incremental combinatorial extension (CE) of the optimal path. Protein Engineering 11(9) 739-747.
  3. GETATOMS help

Trial version of the program is availiable to download here.

3D-Explorer help [PDF].

3D-Explorer demo [ppt].

Installation procedure for MS WINDOWS TM

In order to install 3D-Explorer trial version:

  1. Download package from our site
  2. Unpack archive with keepeng the directory structure

In order to start working you need to launch file 3DExplorer.exe


3d Explorer screenshot   3d Explorer screenshot

3d Explorer screenshot   3d Explorer screenshot

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